DUI License Suspension Hearings

Why Face Your DUI License Suspension Hearing Alone When You Can Have An Experienced Lawyer By Your Side?

DUI license suspension hearings are often stressful. If you are charged with driving impaired, there are steps you can take to get a suspended licence. Having a reputable criminal lawyer advocate for your rights can help your case. 

Here are the benefits of a DUI license suspension hearing:

  • Opportunity to plead your case
  • A chance to reduce your consequences
  • Understanding the penalties that come with a potential conviction

DUI License Suspension

If you're facing the possibility of having your driver's license suspended due to a DUI charge, it's essential to understand the process and know your rights. Our team will walk you through everything you need to know about DUI license suspension hearings, from how they work to seeking legal representation from a DUI Lawyer in Winnipeg. We aim to provide you with the information and resources you need to navigate this challenging situation confidently and clearly. So, let's dive in and explore what you can expect from a DUI license suspension hearing in Winnipeg. Contact Brett Gladstone Criminal Law for legal advice from a DUI Lawyer Winnipeg today.

During a DUI License Suspension
Strategies for DUI License Hearings

What Happens During a DUI License Suspension Hearing?

During a DUI license suspension hearing, the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) Driver Fitness and Monitoring department will review the circumstances surrounding the DUI incident, including if you need an Underage DUI Defence Lawyer, to determine whether to suspend the driver's license. The process typically involves the following steps:

  • Notice of Suspension: MPI will send the driver a notice informing them of the proposed license suspension and providing details about the hearing.
  • Submission of Evidence: The driver can submit evidence and documentation to MPI, such as witness statements, police reports, or any other relevant information that may support their case.
  • Review of Evidence: MPI will review the evidence submitted by the driver and any evidence provided by law enforcement or other parties involved in the DUI incident.
  • Hearing: If the driver requests it, a hearing will be scheduled to allow both parties to present their arguments and evidence. The hearing may be conducted in person or by phone.
  • Decision: After reviewing all the evidence and arguments presented during the hearing, MPI will decide on the suspension of the driver's license, taking into consideration factors such as whether it is a First DUI Offence. If the suspension is upheld, the driver will receive notification of the duration and any conditions that must be met for license reinstatement.

Strategies for DUI License Suspension Hearings

Navigating a DUI license suspension hearing can be complex and challenging, but there are several strategies that drivers can employ to increase their chances of a favorable outcome. Here are some key strategies to consider, which may differ for situations like DUI for commercial drivers:

  • Gather Evidence: Collecting evidence to support your case is essential. Witness statements, breathalyzer test results and other documentation related to the DUI incident can affect the case of an impaired driver. More evidence reduces the chances of license suspensions
  • Understand the Law: It is important to learn about Manitoba's impaired driving laws and regulations governing license suspension. Understanding your rights and legal requirements for license suspension matters since the hearing takes place before your license has been suspended. 
  • Seek Legal Representation: Consider hiring an experienced DUI defence lawyer to represent you because suspensions are not eligible for appeal or review. A skilled lawyer can advocate for you and help you navigate the legal system. 
  • Prepare Your Arguments: Prepare persuasive arguments with your DUI lawyer before the hearing. Clearly articulate why your license shouldn't be suspended and provide evidence to support claims since there will be counterarguments from the MPIT.
  • Attend the Hearing: Attend and participate fully once your hearing is scheduled. Present your arguments clearly and professionally, and respect the hearing officer's authority. Provide any additional evidence and testimony as requested. 

Facing a DUI license suspension can be a daunting experience, but you don't have to navigate it alone. At Brett Gladstone Criminal Law, we provide the skilled legal representation and support you need to defend against license suspension and protect your driving privileges.


With our experienced DUI defense lawyers on your side, you can trust that we will fight tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Don't hesitate to contact us for assistance – contact our firm today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward resolving your license suspension matter.

DUI License Suspension Hearings FAQs

What is a DUI license suspension hearing?

A DUI license suspension hearing is a legal proceeding conducted by the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) Driver Fitness and Monitoring department to determine whether to suspend or revoke your driver's license following a DUI arrest.

When will my DUI license suspension hearing take place?

The timing of your DUI license suspension hearing varies depending on local laws and procedures. In some cases, the hearing may occur within a few weeks of your DUI arrest, while in others, it may be scheduled several months later.

What happens if I lose my DUI license suspension hearing?

If you lose your DUI license suspension hearing, your driver's license may be suspended or revoked for a specified period. The length of the suspension or revocation will depend on factors such as your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of the arrest and whether you have prior DUI convictions.

Can I appeal the decision made at my DUI license suspension hearing?

You may be able to appeal the decision made at your DUI license suspension hearing. However, the appeal process and eligibility criteria vary, so it's essential to consult with a knowledgeable DUI defence attorney to understand your options.

How can a DUI defence attorney help me with my license suspension hearing?

A DUI defence attorney can provide invaluable assistance during your license suspension hearing by presenting evidence and arguments on your behalf, cross-examining witnesses, and advocating for preserving your driving privileges. Their expertise can significantly improve your chances of a favourable outcome.

Why Choose us?

At Brett Gladstone Law, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional legal representation to our clients. If you are facing DUI charges, we understand that this can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. That's why we offer a number of benefits that make us stand out from other criminal defence firms.

One of the main reasons to choose us is our team of experienced and knowledgeable attorneys. Our lawyers are well-versed in the laws and procedures related to DUI cases and have a track record of success in Winnipeg’s courtroom. We also have a reputation for being aggressive and relentless in our defence of our clients.

Another benefit of choosing us is our personalized approach. We understand that every case is unique and we take the time to get to know our clients and their specific needs. We work closely with you to develop a personalized legal strategy that best serves your interests.

In addition to our legal expertise, we also offer compassionate and understanding support throughout the legal process. We know that facing DUI charges can be emotionally and mentally draining, and we are here to provide the support you need during this difficult time.

You deserve top-notch legal representation and personalized support, so we encourage you to choose Brett Gladstone Law in Winnipeg. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve a more favourable outcome in court.

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